Who We Are

The Elite 10 is an invitation-only affiliation for accomplished professionals, scholars, philanthropists & societal leaders spanning every global sector and discipline.

Earning membership with The Elite 10 is a prestigious honor, which is highly competitive and geared to endorse the best and the brightest minds of both current and future forward-thinking leaders. Every accredited member is hand-picked for their unique talents, superior qualities and steadfast commitment to upholding the highest degree of personal and professional ethics.


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What We Do

The Elite 10 acts as a highly concentrated pool of the world's most extraordinary talent, which thereby enables reputable employers, recruiters, collegiate institutions, philanthropic organizations and others to tap directly into a network of excellence unlike any other.

Our expert team of dedicated and reputable advisors are laser focused on igniting the success of our affiliates and providing them with an unique competitive edge throughout the course of their professional career. Identifying The Elite 10 percent of extraordinary leaders drives our business and maximizing their contributions to society is our top priority.


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Recruit Top Talent

The Elite 10 provides a suite of valuable time-saving resources for employers, recruiters, headhunters, search consultants and others. Our professional development experts hand-select the most qualified group of Elite Candidates™, based on the unique job specifications and qualities that your organization is seeking in new team members or interns.

Unlike antiquated online job sites, The Elite 10 does not simply favor automated computer data over human intuition to determine compatibility. Rather than constantly flooding your email with dozens of automated keyword-matched candidates, we instead use our proprietary matching process to provide you with a refined handful of only the most qualified matches. The Elite 10's incredible accuracy is a direct result of our careful balance between the use of innovative technology and our team of career experts. This noteworthy process helps employers and recruiters to save valuable time and money, while simultaneously reducing employee turnover rates by up to 300 percent! Read More


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How Collegiate Institutions Recognize Top Students

To ensure an equitable membership balance that also includes up-and-coming professionals, The Elite 10 employs a Talent Task Force, which monitors and nominates potentially qualified new members from approximately 3,000 of the most prestigious academic organizations across North America. These carefully selected schools are known as Elite-U Collegiate Institutions™ and together make up The Elite-U Collegiate Network™.

In addition to our Talent Task Force, we also welcome Collegiate Program Directors, Career Counselors, Academic Advisors and other distinguished faculty leaders to actively submit their own personal nominations. Elite-U Collegiate Institutions™ are encouraged to semiannually nominate up to three high-performing scholars from each accredited undergraduate and graduate-level program. Best of all, scholars who are nominated by faculty at Elite-U Collegiate Institutions™ receive a full scholarship, which waives all application and membership fees. Nominate Scholars


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Land Your Dream Job or Collegiate Internship

The Elite 10's global network results in two incredibly powerful outcomes:

1. Members of The Elite 10 - from accomplished professionals to collegiate scholars - statistically qualify for more prominent professional opportunities, thereby naturally resulting in higher wages. Read More

2. The Elite 10's proprietary matching process, is proven to help employers and recruiters save time, eliminate unnecessary training costs, and reduce employee turnover rates by up to an astonishing 300%. Read More


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Advising from Our Prestigious Elite Coaches

Our sought-after Elite Coaches™ provide advanced training and proven tools, to help you achieve a lifetime of success. This hand-selected team of professional experts utilize a proprietary coaching process and methodology, which contributes to the extraordinary success rate of our members.

We specialize in the following types of coaching:

  • Performance Coaching
  • Skills Coaching
  • College Bound Coaching
  • Career Coaching
  • Personal or Life Coaching
  • Business Coaching
  • Executive Coaching

Click here to submit an Elite Coaching™ inquiry and receive your no obligation consultation completely free of charge!


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Quality Over Quantity

Quality Over Quantity: a concise phrase that summarizes everything we do! Simply put, The Elite 10 is committed to maintaining a highly selective membership base, which is industry-balanced and comprised of the most forward-thinking leaders across the globe.


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