Who We Are

We Are an Exclusive Professional Affiliation.

The Elite 10 is regarded as The World's Most Exclusive Professional Affiliation. Our business is founded on the fundamental premise that the single most important factor, which links together the most successful organizations, is its people. We believe that the ethical practices of a business are directly correlated with the quality of the individual leaders guiding that organization. Since the average worker currently transitions to a new job every 4.4 years, it is now more important than ever for employers to attract top talent and promote marketplace trust.

For these reasons, The Elite 10 is the first and only global authority that proactively focuses on endorsing individual leaders. This innovative approach improves the ethical practices of organizations, thereby instilling consumer confidence and a trustworthy marketplace for all.

What We Do

We Endorse Extraordinary Leaders.

At The Elite 10, identifying and endorsing extraordinary leaders is what we do. Our exclusive membership aims to represent The Elite 10 percent of industry and societal leaders, who are committed to upholding a high-degree of professional ethics and integrity. This prestigious affiliation is highly competitive and geared to endorse only the best and the brightest minds of both current and future forward-thinking innovators. Accredited Members enjoy a lifetime of exclusive benefits, which are tailored to maximize their professional opportunities and career-long success.

Identifying The Elite 10 percent drives our business and igniting your success is our only priority. We are an expert team of highly dedicated professional development advisors, who are laser focused on providing our affiliates with unique opportunities that simultaneously promotes honest business practices.

"The Elite 10 acts as a highly concentrated hub of extraordinary talent, which thereby enables reputable employers, recruiters, collegiate institutions and others to tap directly into a network of excellence unlike any other."

- Mr. Loren S. Harris, Founder

Dynamic business entrepreneur, Mr. Loren S. Harris, founded The Elite 10 in 2013 and we have since become one of North America's most esteemed authorities in professional development and ethical leadership. We deliver managed talent acquisition solutions globally supported by state-of-the-art technology, proprietary methodologies, and personalized advising by our team of certified Elite Coaches™. This expertise is coupled with a leadership position across a wide range of functions including employment services, human resource optimization, research advancements, networking, and ethical engagements.

The Elite 10 President - Loren S Harris
Loren S. Harris, Founder & CEO

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