Elite Coaching

Our sought-after Elite Coaches™ provide advanced training and proven tools, to help you achieve a lifetime of success. This hand-selected team of professional experts utilize a proprietary coaching process and methodology, which contributes to the extraordinary success rate of our members.

We specialize in the following types of coaching:

  • Performance Coaching: This type of coaching is aimed at enhancing an individual’s performance in their current role at work, in order to increase their effectiveness, productivity and success.
  • Skills Coaching: This form of coaching focuses on the core skills an employee needs to perform in their role. Skills coaching provides a flexible, adaptive, ‘just-in-time’ approach to skills development. Coaching programs are tailored specifically to the individual and are generally focused on achieving a number of skill development objectives that are linked to the needs of the organization.
  • College Bound Coaching: This highly-individualized coaching service provides high school students with admissions strategies and proven techniques to promote success at a collegiate level. Some of these tools include test-taking strategies to avoid anxiety, organization skills, time-management, study habits and how to go about selecting a major or academic discipline. A strong emphasis is also placed on building upon core values like accountability, self-discipline, responsibility, professionalism, etiquette, as well as ethics and integrity.
  • Career Coaching: Coaching activities focus on the individual’s career concerns, with the coach eliciting and using feedback on the individual’s capabilities as part of a discussion of career options. The process leads to increased clarity, personal change and forward action.
  • Personal or Life Coaching: This form of coaching provides support to individuals wishing to make some form of significant change within their lives. Coaches help individuals to explore what they want in life and how they might achieve their aspirations and fulfill their needs.
  • Business Coaching: Business coaching involves working with a professionally trained coach with expertise in business practices. The process includes overseeing, assisting and guiding the small business owner with the overall objective of helping the owner to develop the skills and acquire the resources needed to operate a successful organization.
  • Executive Coaching: One-on-one performance coaching is increasingly recognized as the way for organizations and individuals to improve performance. By improving the performance of the most influential people within the organization, the theory goes that business results should improve. Executive coaching is often delivered by coaches operating from outside the organization whose services are requested for an agreed duration or number of coaching sessions.

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