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About The Elite 10

The Elite 10 is The World's Most Exclusive Professional Affiliation™. Our membership aims to represent The Elite 10 percent of collegiate scholars, accomplished professionals and societal leaders across every global sector and discipline. Earning membership with The Elite 10 is a prestigious honor, which is highly competitive and geared to endorse the best and the brightest minds of both current and future forward-thinking leaders.

"The Elite 10 acts as a highly concentrated pool of the world's most extraordinary talent, which thereby enables reputable employers, recruiters, collegiate institutions and others to tap directly into a network of excellence unlike any other." Mr. Loren S. Harris, Founder

The Elite-U Collegiate Network

The Elite 10 Office of Admissions aims to maintain a carefully balanced membership, ranging from seasoned industry leaders to the most promising collegiate scholars, in order to best accommodate the vast qualities that employers seek in new hires. Therefore, our diversified membership represents a wide array of professional backgrounds, expertise and experience levels.

To ensure an equitable membership balance that includes up-and-coming professionals, The Elite 10 employs a Talent Task Force, which monitors and nominates potentially qualified candidates from approximately 3,000 of the most prestigious academic organizations across North America. These carefully selected schools are known as Elite-U Collegiate Institutions and together make up The Elite-U Collegiate Network™.

QUICK FACT: Less than half of all post-secondary schools across North America meet the stringent qualifications to be recognized as an Elite-U Collegiate Institution. Click here to find out if your school made the list.

How To Nominate

The Elite 10 Talent Task Force is laser focused on identifying and spotlighting the most extraordinary student talent across North America. Nominated scholars who are accepted for membership gain an unique competitive edge throughout their professional career. This recognition also assists global employers and recruiters in identifying the next generation of top industry leaders.

In addition to our Talent Task Force, we also welcome Collegiate Program Directors, Career Counselors, Academic Advisors and others faculty leaders to actively submit their own personal nominations. Elite-U Collegiate Institutions are encouraged to semiannually nominate up to three high-performing scholars from each accredited undergraduate and graduate-level program. There is no deadline to submit a nomination, as The Elite 10 operates on a rolling admissions basis.

Membership with The Elite 10 is a recognition that is reserved for the most noteworthy leaders across the globe. In combination, these hand-selected individuals represent The Elite 10 percent of collegiate scholars, accomplished professionals and societal leaders who have unique talents, superior skill-sets and great ambition. Therefore, this recognition is only bestowed upon those scholars who exceed the required threshold for general membership. This rigorous selection process ensures the continued prestige of The Elite 10 and the professional competitive advantage enjoyed by those within our exclusive membership ranks.

Scholars who are nominated by faculty at Elite-U Collegiate Institutions receive a full scholarship, which waives all application and membership fees. Since The Elite 10 does not require annual membership renewals, nominators can rest assured that their nominee can enjoy the complimentary perks of membership without any financial obligations.

Participation Benefits

In a recent study, lead researchers at The Elite 10 narrowed down two of the most common questions that every collegiate institution faces from both potential students and parents:

I. Are your graduates truly able to find jobs in their field of interest?

II. How successful are your alums when it comes to getting into graduate programs?

No matter how you answer these two important questions, The Elite 10 can help. Collegiate institutions that actively nominate its top scholars for membership consideration typically experience a boost in both alumni and recent-graduate employment rates, along with overall career satisfaction. Additionally, members applying for graduate school are eligible to receive academic referrals from The Elite 10 as part of their membership benefits. These factors not only impact a collegiate institution's overall statistics, but are also thought to improve long-term alumni financial contributions.

Career Center Partnership

At The Elite 10, we sincerely value and believe that collegiate career centers are of the utmost importance. It is critical to note that The Elite 10 does not replace the need for on-campus career services. Rather, we wholeheartedly support career center staff and believe that these individuals provide irreplaceable resources for the general population of students in search of career guidance. Therefore, The Elite 10 works to assist these valued counselors by quickly propelling their most talented scholars; thereby allowing for the redirection of crucial resources to the mass population of students.

The Elite 10 was specifically developed to complement existing career center services and provide exclusive professional opportunities to the top 10 percent of extraordinary scholars. To accomplish this objective, we offer highly concentrated and individualized coaching that provides talented students with an unique professional competitive edge. This includes backdoor access to hidden jobs and career paths, which help young professionals to achieve unprecedented success.

QUICK FACT: Approximately 85 percent of all available jobs are never publicly advertised. The higher the position and salary, the more likely the position will be part of the "hidden" or "closed" job market. The Elite 10 specializes in matching our accomplished members with these lucrative hidden opportunities.

Let's Get Started

Nominating an individual for membership consideration is a quick and easy process. Simply click here to submit your first nomination in a matter of minutes!

For more information about The Elite 10, please connect with us via our Secure Contact Form for Expedited Service or call 844-ELITE10.