The Elite 10 Employer Services

The Elite 10 provides a suite of innovative resources for employers, recruiters, headhunters, search consultants and others. Our professional development experts hand-select the most qualified group of Elite Candidates™, based on the unique job specifications and qualities that your organization is seeking in new team members or interns.

Unlike the vast majority of online job sites, The Elite 10 does not simply favor computer data over human intuition to determine compatibility. Rather than flooding your email with automated keyword-matched candidates, we instead use our proprietary matching process to provide you with a refined handful of only the most qualified matches. The Elite 10's incredible accuracy is a direct result of our careful balance between the use of innovative technology and our team of experienced recruitment experts. This noteworthy process helps employers to save valuable time and money, while simultaneously reducing employee turnover rates by up to 300%.

Concentrated Talent

In today's competitive world of business, expert analysts overwhelmingly agree that achieving the highest possible level of organizational success is no longer directly attributed to products, services and technology. Rather, the single most critical factor that links together the world's most successful businesses is its people. Now more than ever, employers are seeking nothing but the best and the brightest minds of industry leaders. This employment trend is justified as employees with extraordinary talent produce extraordinary results, which makes for extraordinary success.

Unfortunately, identifying and recruiting these exceptional individuals has not always been as simple as the basic concept. Over the last decade, this antiquated process has proven to be both time consuming and incredibly expensive for employers. One of the root causes for the inefficiencies of the old system is that superior talent would easily get overshadowed in the massive pool of average candidates. This not only resulted in a major disadvantage to qualified applicants, but was also equally as disadvantageous to valuable employer resources.

Revolutionary Network

Naturally, The Elite 10 provides the solution. The Elite 10 is The World's Most Exclusive Professional Affiliation for accomplished professionals, collegiate scholars and societal leaders across virtually every global sector. Each and every member has been hand-selected for their unique talents, superior skill-sets and noteworthy ambitions. These renowned industry experts span every discipline and collectively represent some of the most esteemed members of society.

As the first and only organization of our kind, our diverse team of seasoned professionals has pioneered the world's best resource for employers and recruiters seeking to hire the most talented and result-driven individuals. The Elite 10's proprietary talent acquisition solution enables you to tap into the power of The World's Most Exclusive Professional Network™. Your only challenge will be determining which incredible candidate is truly your perfect match!

Equipped with real-time feedback from employers, we have also partnered with some of the top coaches across North America, to provide our members with advanced professional training. As a result, worldwide hiring managers actively recruit and promote members of The Elite 10 for high-level positions since employers can confidently rely on the level of training and excellence that our Accredited Members are known for.

Quality Over Quantity

We are pleased to announce that The Elite 10 is now providing reputable employers and recruiters with completely complimentary access to our premium job posting service. As the world's most elite professional network, our philosophy is that all affiliates should be entitled to individualized VIP attention. Therefore, instead of simply posting employment opportunities to a cluttered webpage with thousands of other job offers, our professional development experts hand-select the most qualified candidates that best fit the job specifications and your company's unique culture.

Upon matching a potential candidate with your specific employment specifications, our professional development advisers will proceed by facilitating a personalized introduction between the candidate and the employer. Alternatively, if our proprietary matching process does not yield a strong match that exceeds our quantitative accuracy threshold, then we will simply inform you of our final evaluation. We are very proud of the fact that our employment matching service is statistically proven to help reduce employee turnover rates by up to 300 percent and - as a result - we will never send a match to our affiliates unless it exceeds The Elite 10's stringent accuracy guidelines. Following this strategic process, we are able to best assist hiring mangers and recruiters with the filtration process; thereby reducing training costs and increasing human resource efficiency.

Organizations that hire Accredited Members of The Elite 10, typically experience a noteworthy increase in employee retention, productivity, and overall team member satisfaction. These factors not only contribute to a significant reduction in employee training costs, but also inevitably impacts the overall success of the business. These are just a few of the countless benefits which transpire when you Hire Elite™.

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