Innovative Research

The Elite 10 believes that innovative research is one of the most fundamental components necessary to building a more forward-thinking global society. As The World's Most Exclusive Professional Affiliation, we are able to offer researchers a truly amazing opportunity to capture unique data from an elite target market. Due to the successful qualities and socioeconomic nature of our Members, many organizations have realized significant benefits from investing in research with The Elite 10.

Please be advised that this service is primarily offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Due to heightened demand, we recommend that researchers submit their initial inquiry six to twelve months prior to the requested start date. Time-sensitive requests will still be considered, but may be subject to an expedite fee.

How It Works

The Elite 10 employs a straightforward yet effective method, which enables researchers to obtain rich raw-data from an incredibly unique target market. Quite simply, every nominated candidate of The Elite 10 completes a detailed survey as part of their application requirements. This survey is embedded as a required section, within the electronic Application for Membership Consideration. Utilizing this approach allows us to ensure the accurate completion and collection of your valuable data.

Researchers may initiate this process by submitting the Secure Research Inquiry Form, which is located at the bottom of this page. Once we receive this inquiry, our team evaluates the request to determine its compatibility with our various survey formats and ensure its alignment with our organization's core values and mission. If approved, the researcher will be presented with a detailed proposal, coupled with a pricing structure that is customized based on your unique research requirements and funding parameters. Once the detailed proposal is formally accepted, the last step is simply for the researcher to submit their finalized survey questions. Our team will then build your custom online survey and submit the replica back to the researcher for one final review. Upon completing this process, the survey will be implemented in accordance with the agreement. At the conclusion of the collection period, The Elite 10 will forward the raw data sets back to the researcher in an electronic format. It's that simple!

For additional questions regarding The Elite 10 Research Program, please contact us via our Secure Contact Form for Expedited Service.

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