About Membership

The Elite 10 is recognized as The World's Most Exclusive Professional Affiliation™. Our membership represents The Elite 10 percent of accomplished professionals, collegiate scholars and societal leaders across virtually every global sector and discipline. Becoming an Accredited Member is one of the highest professional honors bestowed upon the most extraordinary individuals who possess unique expertise, superior skill-sets and great ambition. Together, this remarkable hub of talent includes the best and the brightest minds of past, present and future forward-thinking leaders.

"The Elite 10 acts as a highly concentrated hub of extraordinary talent, which thereby enables reputable employers, recruiters, collegiate institutions and others to tap directly into a network of excellence unlike any other."

- Mr. Loren S. Harris, Founder

Why Membership Matters

The Elite 10 is the first and only global organization of its kind. Those who are invited to join the ranks of The Elite 10 enjoy a wide range of lifetime benefits and unique resources, aimed at providing our members with a professional competitive edge and helping them to further achieve unprecedented success. The Elite 10's team of professional development experts are here to provide you with personalized support and the necessary resources to accomplish your lifelong ambitions.

The Elite 10 is founded on the fundamental premise that the single most contributing factor, which links together the world's most successful organizations, is its people. We believe that the ethical practices of a business are directly correlated with the quality of the individual leaders guiding that organization. For these reasons, The Elite 10 is the world's first and only authority that focuses on endorsing the quality of individual leaders, rather than reactively grading the relationship between businesses and consumers. This proactive approach reaches the foundational roots that inevitably improves the ethical practices of organizations, thereby instilling consumer confidence and a trustworthy marketplace.

The Elite 10 provides members with customized services when you want it and when you need it. For this reason, we do not charge membership fees. Our concierge-style services means that we provide our members with individualized services that are specifically geared to assist their personal goals and objectives. These member services range from professional coaching, to references and high-level job placement. Click here to view the full list of complimentary member benefits and premium services.

Your Competitive Edge

In today's competitive employment market, analysts overwhelmingly agree that employers are now seeking nothing but the best and the brightest minds of industry leaders. This employment trend is justified; employees with extraordinary talent produce extraordinary results, which makes for extraordinary success.

There's just one problem. More times than not, these exceptional candidates get mixed into the vast ocean of ordinary job seekers. This not only results in a major disadvantage to the qualified applicant, but also is equally as disadvantageous to valuable employer resources.

Naturally, The Elite 10 provides the solution. To help ensure that our members are always the first to be snatched up by employers, we aim to engage the world's top executives to determine the specific qualities and advanced training that businesses are currently seeking. Virtually every major employer across the globe has complimentary access to The Elite 10's job matching service. This enables employers to find the most qualified candidates, thereby cutting through unqualified applicants that muddy the pool.

The results are effective yet extraordinarily simple:

    1. Members of The Elite 10 get incredible job & internship offers.
    2. Employers recruit top talent, while reducing human resource costs.
    3. Collegiate institutions gain successful alumni with top employers.

Who Is Eligible To Apply

Eligibility Exception: Freshman and sophomore undergraduate scholars may qualify for early membership consideration if they have a declared major and plan to seek internships or other high-level professional opportunities prior to their Junior year. To request approval for early membership consideration, please submit a brief explanation via our Secure Contact Form for Expedited Service and an Admissions Manager will followup with you accordingly.

Convenient Application Process

Applying for Membership Consideration is AS EASY AS 1-2-3

Step 1: Find out if you're prequalified.

Step 2: Create an applicant registration account.

Step 3: Complete The Elite 10 Formal Application.

BUSY SCHEDULE? Not to worry! Our convenient application system gives you up to 14-days to submit your application and allows you to save and resume your application at anytime!


For additional questions regarding membership, please contact The Elite 10 Office of Admissions by completing our Secure Contact Form for Expedited Service.